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The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Skill and Expertise (edited with Ellen Fridland), 2020.
The Practical Mind: Skills, Knowledge, and Intelligence, under contract with Cambridge University Press. 

Articles (published or forthcoming)

(Unless otherwise noticed, co-authored papers are equal contributions)

Intelligence Socialism, forthcoming in Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Mind.  Link to penultimate draft. 
Factive Mindreading in the Folk Psychology of Action, forthcoming in Arturs Logins and Jacques-Henri Vollet (eds.) Putting Knowledge to Work, Oxford University Press. 
Arguments, Suppositions, and Conditionals, in in Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 33: 21-46, 2023. (This paper is based on my SALT 2023 keynote). 
Meaning without Gricean Intentions, (with Alex Radulescu), in Analysis 2023, Volume 83, Issue 4, October 2023, Pages 708–716. Preprint here. 
Epistemic Luck, Knowledge-How, and Intentional Action, (first author, with Paul Henne, and Bob Beddor) in Ergo 10:36, 2023.
The Know-How Solution to Kraemer Puzzle (first author, with Paul Henne), in Cognition 238:2023. Preprint here.
Skills as Knowledge  (first author), in  Australasian Journal of Philosophy 101:3, 609-624, 2023.
The Semantics and Pragmatics of Argumentation, in Linguistics meets Philosophy, edited by Daniel Altshuler, Cambridge University Press 2022, pp. 383-413. 
The Dynamics of Argumentative Discourse (with Arc Kocurek), in Journal of Philosophical Logic 51: 413–456 2022 (First online October 2021).
Practical Knowledge First, in Synthese 200:375, 1-18 2022. 
Lewis Carroll's Regress and The Presuppositional Structure of Arguments,  in Linguistics and Philosophy, 45:1-38 2022. Link to uncorrected proofs here.
Practical Knowledge without Luminosity (with Bob Beddor) in Mind, 131:523, 917–934, 2022.
Reasoning and Presuppositions in Philosophical Topics 49:2: 203-224   2021.
Knowledge and Mentality, in Philosophical Perspectives (Supplement to Nous), 35:1, pp. 359-383, December 2021.
Practical Concepts and Productive Reasoning,  in Synthese 199pp. 7659–7688 December2021 [Link to penultimate version here. Please cite from published version.] 
Knowledge, Action, and Defeasibility,  in Reasons, Justification, and Defeaters, edited by Jessica Brown and Mona Simion, chapter 8, pp. 177-200, Oxford University Press 2021.
Know-How, Action, and Luck, in Synthese, 198(7), pp. 1595-1617  2021 (First Online 2018).
Practical Representation, in Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Skill and Expertise, Fridland & Pavese (Eds)pp. 226-44, 2020.
Probabilistic Knowledge in Action, in Analysis, Volume 80, Issue 2, April 2020, Pages 342–356.
Modal Virtue Epistemology (with Bob Beddor),  in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 101: 1 61-79, 2020, (First online 2018).
The Psychological Reality of Practical Representation, in Philosophical Psychology Volume 32 Issue 5, 2019, pp. 785-822. 
A Theory of Practical Meaning, in Philosophical Topics, vol. 45 no 2 (45.2), Fall 2017, pp. 85-116.
On the Meaning of 'Therefore', in Analysis 77 (1): 88-97, 2017.
Know-How and Gradability, in The Philosophical Review, 126.3: 345-83, 2017. Technical Appendix to Know-How and Gradability, published online at The Philosophical Review 126.3: A1-A19, 2017 as supplementary material.
Skill in Epistemology, Part II, Philosophy Compass11650660, 2016 [Preprint part II] 
Skill in Epistemology, Part I, Philosophy Compass11642649, 2016 [Preprint part I]
Practical Senses, Philosophers' Imprint, Volume 15 (29): 125, 2015. 
Knowing a rulePhilosophical Issues, a supplement to Nous, Volume 25 (1): 165188, 2015.

Overviews (published or forthcoming)

The Epistemology of Skills, forthcoming in Blackwell Companion to Epistemology (Third Edition, edited by Kurt Sylvan). Link to final version. 
Knowledge-How in Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Summer 2021 Edition, Edward N. Zalta (ed.), published April 20 2021.
Introduction to Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Skill and Expertise (with Ellen Fridland), in Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Skill and Expertise, Fridland & Pavese (Eds)pp. 1-25, 2020.


Review of of Shepherd's The Shape of Agency,  in Mind, pp. 1-9, 2021.  

Edited Issues

Special Issue on Memory and Skill, in Philosophical Psychology (with Felipe De Brigard), 32:5, pp. 585-831, 2019 [Editors' Introduction]
Special issue on Foundational Issues in Philosophical Semantics (with Andrea Iacona), in Topoi 40: 1, pp. 1-202, 2021 [Editors' Introduction]

Other Publications

A Tribute to Karen Neander (with Christopher Hill), in Biological Theory, 2021.
Logical Inference and its Dynamics, in Deontic Logic and Normative Systems. Proceedings of the 13th International Conference (DEON 2016), Olivier Roy, Allard Tamminga and Malte Willer, eds. College Publications, Milton Keynes - GBR, June 2016. (The online version of the proceedings is available for download here.)

Articles in Italian

Alfred Tarski Il Concetto di Verità  nei Linguaggi Formalizzati,  in Biblioteca Analitica: I Testi Fondamentali, Bonino, Gabbani, Tripodi (eds), Carocci Editore, 2020, pp. 91102.
Significati, Proposizioni e Decitazionalismo (Meanings, Propositions, and Disquotationalism), Iride, 20 (51): 36168, 2007. 

Blog Posts

The Practical Mind, a short overview of my book project, published as blogpost at The Philosop-her.
My Comments at the Minds Online Conference 2016.