Spring 2017: On Leave. 
Fall 2016: On Leave.
Spring 2016:
PHIL 250 (undergraduate and graduate logic requirement) Symbolic Logic. Syllabus: SymbolicLogic2016.pdf

Fall 2015:
PHIL 701s (Graduate class) Special Fields in Philosophy: Conditionals and Modal Talk. 
PHIL 210 Knowledge and Certainty Syllabus: KKnowledgeandcertaintyfall2015.pdf
Spring 2015:
PHIL 797S (Graduate class) Dissertation Seminar. 

PHIL 551S (Graduate/Undergraduate class) Knowledge and Action.  Syllabus: GradEpistemologyDuke.pdf

Fall 2014:
PHIL 210 Knowledge and Certainty. Syllabus: EpistemologyDuke.pdf
Minds and Machines, Fall 2013. Mindsandmachinessyllabus.doc
Epistemology, Spring 2014.
At Rutgers
Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 103), Summer 2012. Syllabus. 
Philosophical Aspects of Cognitive Science (PHIL 360), Spring 2012. Syllabus. Students' evaluations. 
Philosophy of Language (PHIL 210), Fall 2011. Syllabus Students' evaluations.

Course outlines

Teaching what conventions are through simple examples of coordination games.